Hello and welcome to my website!

Still lookin’ pretty after all these years.
Also enjoy features of features not always nearby.

Hello, and welcome to my website!

...wait, I already said that...

Right. Well, welcome again anyway! My name is David, and this is the small corner of the Internet that I call home. In a world where the Information Superhighway™ isn’t quite the place it used to be, I thought this would be the perfect time to update my website. Even though angelfire and tripod still exist, the personal homepage has become something of a lost art. If you want to talk about the things you’re a fan of, posting on Twitter and Instagram is easier than trying to craft a page with archaic html. But is it anywhere near as fun?

I never had an intro here before, so I figure I’ll keep it brief. If you know who I am, you know who I am. If you don’t, you don’t. The links below are in two categories. The first are personal pages, meant to house the things I have worked on in the past, and maybe a tease or two for the future. The second are small archives of old things from the Internet. If there’s only one thing you click on there, read Sonic Fights Robotnik.

Other than that. Um. I guess whatever.

In January 2020 Veronica indexed 395 gopher servers [citation needed], within which it indexed approximately 4.5 million unique selectors. This is not one of them.
Do people still call this micro-blogging? Who knows. But, I use it more than I ever did an actual blog. Thus, it’s not quite dead.
My actual YouTube channel doesn’t have much on it. I’m still working on making my own podcast. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t shown up on other people’s ventures. So if you want to hear me ramble...
Big’s Big Fishing Adventure 3
On April 1st, 2016, the Sonic Twitter account made a post about a demo to a fan made visual novel. I wrote it, and there’s meant to be a full version. It’s coming, I swear.
Sonic Fan
I am in love with Sonic Fan. His words spoke to a generation. There will never be another like him, which is very unfortunate. But he lives on in our hearts.
David Gonterman
You may know him as “The Internet’s Most Dangerous Cartoonist.” You may know him as “The Ed Wood of the Internet.” You may not know him at all. But he has been making content for the last 25 years.
Before anyone realized what they were doing on the internet, there was a guy called ratman who put up a site centered on Sonic the Hedgehog. The site died in 1997, but people old enough to remember it look back on it fondly...even if they don’t remember why.
The Green Hill Zone
Even the most respected of websites have a history. Note: Contains Sonic fanfiction.
A joint project between myself and SpazzTH, a small museum to a community that was named after one franchise, but kept on talking about another.
Once upon a time there was a group called “The Perfect Chaos Gang.” Everyone involved denies it ever happened. Attempting to read anything written proves why.
A Hamdinger of a Time
In the 90’s, fanfiction based on Mystery Science Theater 3000 was a booming enterprise. Then the show was cancelled. Features the restored “Amazing, Colossal Episode Guide To Sonic the Hedgehog MiSTied Fanfiction.”
You’ve got questions. He’s had answers. Not any lately, though.
Compaq Presario
John de Lancie knew the score back in 1997.
Captain Purple
He sure is purple. Possibly the first Internet superhero, and one of the first webcomics.
Time Cube
Nothing so defined the early internet as Time Cube. Gene Ray, Cubist, may no longer be with us, but 4 corner simultaneous 24 hour Days that occur within a single 4 corner rotation of Earth always will. Coming eventually.
A cornucopia of content to tantalize the brain.
This is a page of magnificent links! Click it for awesome.
If you feel the need to e-mail the person responsible for all of this, please do so. Submissions for content missing from the above archives is always welcomed.
Oh! And before you leave, you should sign my guestbook. Pretend it’s 1997 for a minute.
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