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The Knothole Library Archive

The Mobian Central Library was started in 1995 in tandem with the Sonic Resource Page of Run by David "Bookshire Draftwood" Pistone, it only made sense that Bookshire would be the one to maintain the first Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic depository. Being one of the first fanfic writers of the era, Bookshire's fan characters - Sandra Nightweaver, Packbell, and the self-inserted Bookshire - were not only used in David Pistone's own works but in many of the fanfics of the day. Even now, its not unusual to see one of these three pop up in a story based on the Saturday morning television series. While the site was originally hosted on Ratman's servers, it was eventually moved to just before Ratman swore off the fandom entirely. For 14 years the site bounced from one server to another until finally David Pistone (now going by the alias "Serinthia Draftwood") decided to put the site to rest. Even though it had been years since he updated it, the closure of the Mobian Central Library marks the end of an era, and yet another classic Sonic site now lost to the ages.

Its remains are preserved in the following:

Sonic Short Stories
The original fanfic vault, this was how Bookshire's archive looked while it was hosted on Features the following stories that were removed from later revisions of the archive:
Furs of the Forest Main Library
No longer able to house himself at, Bookshire moves over to, where he continues his mission of hosting only the best fandom has to offer. Or something like that.
Mobian Central Library (
For a time, Bookshire had his own domain name. This is how the site looked when he still considered it a major force in the fanfiction realm of the Sonic Internet Community.
Mobian Central Library (
Bookshire's fanfiction library as it was in its final days, complete with message describing its hibernating state. Thrill at the classic adventures of a long forgotten era, featuring some version of everyone's favorite hedgehog!
Bookshire Draftwood's Sonic Universe
What remains of the rest of Bookshire's general Sonic site, which was also hosted on
The Mature Section
The most infamous section of Bookshire's site, it was removed from later revisions and hidden deep within his site. If you are offended by Sonic having sex with Sally and raping Uncle Chuck, do not enter.
The Farewell Message
Serinthia says goodbye to his audience.